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Matt Shea (R) Pulled Out a Handgun on Spokane Motorist

Matt Shea Pulled Gun Spokane Motorist


Ever think that your State Representative would pull a loaded gun on you? This is what happened in November, 2011, to Leroy Norris of Spokane.  Washington State Representative Matt Shea, Spokane Valley, 4th Legislative District, pulled an illegal handgun on Leroy as he was running home.  Republican Matt Shea ,was cited for two violations of state firearms law in the road rage incident. Norris was not cited for any offense.  To the right is a video that we made about this matter involving the Republican Matt Shea who has proven himself to be unstable many times before. Read the rest of this entry

Kathleen Drew came to Pullman, WA, for the Lentil Festival to talk about her run for office and her support of the Washington State Voters’ Guide a few months ago. I was impressed with her. Kathleen Drew has got experience in the various parts of government to do a good job as the next Washington State Secretary of State. She is personable. She has a good clear grasp of the issues affecting the Office of the Secretary of State, including the need to better fund the Washington State Voters’ Guide.

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Romney and Obama Debate: Analysis by 6 Year Old

Posted for Keith Milligan.

I got an accurate political analysis on the [Obama and Romney Presidential] debate from my 6 yr. old grandson! While my daughter Jasmine was cooking dinner, she live streamed the presidential debate on her computer to listen to it. Enzo actually sat down and watched it!!! When Jasmine told him to come to the table for dinner, she noticed he’d taken a pen and wrote on the computer screen! She chastised him and he apologized. Then Jasmine got curious as to what it was he wrote.

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