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Retired General Smedley D. Butler “War is a Racket!”

We are all tools of the machine that we call society.  Most of us do not realize it.  Some of us realize it, and do nothing.  A few of us know it, and do what is trendy among our friends to oppose it.  Then there are the rare few who make the conscious choice to rebel and risk it all regardless of what any of their family, friends, and colleagues, critiques and media may think.  Major General Smedley Darlington Butler of the U.S. Marine Core was one such brave soul.  He declared in 1935 that “War is a Racket,” a bloody racket that kills and cripples young men and makes the rich even richer.   To the right is a video portrayal of Retired Major General Smedley D. Butler by Bart Haggin of Spokane, Wa giving one of his speeches. Read the rest of this entry

Everybody: Social Security Is Secure, So Far!

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That is true if the rich and the powerful aren’t able to steal it and the US government doesn’t default!

Social Security is the most successful social program ever invented.  It requires less than two percent overhead expenses.  It covers millions of people besides retirees.  And it is secure financially, under present circumstances, until about 2035 with a surplus until then!   Any other US government programs like that?

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Governor-Elect Jay Inslee’s Inaugural Ball

inslee vicThis was one of the 2012 races that a lot of us felt strongly about.  It is nice to see the race resolved on election day without a controversial recount, and now it is even nicer to see an announcement of  Governor-Elect Jay Inslee’s Inaugural Ball.  I wanted to go to Gov. Gregoire’s second  Inaugural Ball, but it did not fit more my schedule or match my pocket book.  May be this year I will make it.  Congratulations Jay Inslee.  I know you will do a fine job.