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Net Neutrality Rules in Washington State?

Nothing good will come out of Washington D.C. for another three years.  However, there is hope at the state-level.  It had not occurred to me that the State of Washington might try to pass its own net neutrality laws to maintain free speech on the internet.  Thanks Matt for speaking out this. For his announcement to run the 9th, see this post.

Just this morning, the FCC moved forward with its undemocratic decision to ignore the collective voice of the American people, and voted on party lines to repeal Net Neutrality consumer protections that safeguard the marketplace of ideas and the free flow of information on the Internet.

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Will McMorris Speak Out against Manweller?

matt-ManwellerWill Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers be a leader and speak out against Republican Rep. Matt Manweller and ask him to resign if found guilty? She has remain largely quite about the alleged improprieties by members of her Republican Party (see here). While the rest of the country had already made up their minds, it took McMorris two weeks to come forward with a statement.

Manweller has been place on an involuntary leave of absence while he is further investigated for the sexual harassment of college students at Central Washington University. Witness testimonial was found to be credible. Matt Maweller (born August 23, 1969) is an member of the Republican Party and was elected to the Washington House of Representatives in 2012 to representing a seat 13th Legislative District, which he has occupied since January 2013. He is also a Associate Professor of Political Science at the University, which is where the allegations are involved.

OLYMPIA, Wash. – A state lawmaker who is facing scrutiny over past allegations of sexual harassment while teaching at Central Washington University has been placed on leave by the school because of a new investigation.

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Trump’s FCC Plans to End Net Nuetrality

I received this from Senator Maria Cantwell today about Trump’s efforts to end net neutrality.

If the Trump administration gets its way, your internet is about to get a whole lot slower.

In tw‌o da‌ys, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will be holding a vote to destroy President Obama’s net neutrality and open internet protections. Once those are gone, cable companies and service providers will be able to create a two-tiered internet — a fast lane for the corporations willing to pay and a slow lane for the rest of us.

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Tim Eyman Costs the State Billions in Revenue


Tim Eyman is again bragging about costing the State of Washington 35 billion dollars in support for Schools, State Parks, roads, buses, ferries, and healthcare.

Thursday, December 7, 2017
Working together over the past 18 years, we’ve saved taxpayers over $35 billion from our various tax initiatives (
With our 4 voter-approved 2/3-for-taxes initiatives, we’ve stopped Olympia from raising taxes billions more.