Right before Christmas, I voted “no” on the spending bill passed by the House and Senate to fund the government for another four weeks.

I made this decision because the bill does not protect 800,000 Dreamers — and it lets the vital Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) become defunded in March.

As a Democrat, I believe we have a responsibility to hard-working, everyday Americans. Not just the rich ones, or the ones who give out big checks, or the ones who call the shots in big corporations.

This month, Congress will vote again on a longer-term budget. 60 votes will be needed in the Senate. Democrats have leverage and should draw a clear line in the sand: NO DREAM ACT? NO CHIP? NO DEAL!

Can you join me in demanding that members of Congress oppose any spending bill that doesn’t include the DREAM Act and long-term funding for children’s health care?

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