The Electronic Freedom Foundation and their coalition of allies had a significant victory in the protection of your online freedom of speech.  Specifically, they are making progress on requiring government to get the proper search warrant before reading your emails.  Below is an update from their December 2012 newsletter.  If you want to learn details about this issue, read this page on their site. The Electronic Freedom Foundation has been protecting the internet for over a decade and is on the front lines of the battle to defend net neutrality

Yesterday was a watershed moment in the fight for electronic privacy: the Senate Judiciary Committee overwhelmingly passed an amendment that mandates the government get a probable cause warrant before reading our emails. The battle isn’t over — the reform, championed by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), still needs to pass the rest of the Senate and the House, and be signed by the President to become a law. But yesterday, thanks to thousands of people speaking out, we were able to begin the process of overhauling our archaic privacy laws into alignment with modern technology. Read the rest of this entry