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It’s Early Childhood Education, You Dummies!

p through 12(v.2)Nothing is more important than early childhood education.  Emotionally healthy young children grow up to be happy, loving, responsible adults.  In the end, that is the only thing that really what matters.

I say this in full awareness of all the serious problems that our world faces.  The environment for example.  If we don’t take care of the Earth, we are screwed.  Nuclear weapons is another.  A push of button could make our planet uninhabitable for centuries.  Ya da, ya da.   We are struggling to find solutions to these problems, but actually we already have many ways at our finger tips to solve them.  However, our human failings, our fears, our greed, make those solutions unworkable.  Its our own sanity, our emotional balance that is in short supply.

I do believe that as a race of beings, we humans are making progress in this regard.  Generation by generation we are becoming wiser, more center, more spiritual balanced, and early childhood education is a crucial part of it. Read the rest of this entry

Retired General Smedley D. Butler “War is a Racket!”

We are all tools of the machine that we call society.  Most of us do not realize it.  Some of us realize it, and do nothing.  A few of us know it, and do what is trendy among our friends to oppose it.  Then there are the rare few who make the conscious choice to rebel and risk it all regardless of what any of their family, friends, and colleagues, critiques and media may think.  Major General Smedley Darlington Butler of the U.S. Marine Core was one such brave soul.  He declared in 1935 that “War is a Racket,” a bloody racket that kills and cripples young men and makes the rich even richer.   To the right is a video portrayal of Retired Major General Smedley D. Butler by Bart Haggin of Spokane, Wa giving one of his speeches. Read the rest of this entry

Everybody: Social Security Is Secure, So Far!

socialsecurityWritten by 

That is true if the rich and the powerful aren’t able to steal it and the US government doesn’t default!

Social Security is the most successful social program ever invented.  It requires less than two percent overhead expenses.  It covers millions of people besides retirees.  And it is secure financially, under present circumstances, until about 2035 with a surplus until then!   Any other US government programs like that?

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Romney and Obama Debate: Analysis by 6 Year Old

Posted for Keith Milligan.

I got an accurate political analysis on the [Obama and Romney Presidential] debate from my 6 yr. old grandson! While my daughter Jasmine was cooking dinner, she live streamed the presidential debate on her computer to listen to it. Enzo actually sat down and watched it!!! When Jasmine told him to come to the table for dinner, she noticed he’d taken a pen and wrote on the computer screen! She chastised him and he apologized. Then Jasmine got curious as to what it was he wrote.

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Sarah Silverman calls Voter ID laws for what they are

There is nothing more un-American and despicable that trying to disenfranchise people from voting because you don’t like their politics. Sarah Silverman throws Republicans to the mat like no one else can. Her website is

Todd Mielke Website about His Days as a Tobacco Lobbyist

Todd Mielke is running for re-election for Spokane County Commission, and his past  may be catching up with him.  The site details his history as an aid for Jim West, as a tobacco lobbyist, and as a politician.  In 1995 Todd Mielke resigned from the Washington State Legislature to become a high paid lobbyist for big pharmacuetical companies and the tobacco industry.  A few years later he ran for the Spokane County Commission. Read the rest of this entry