(Letter-to-the-Editor) Interested in a job for $174,000 a year, all the benefits and only 126 days of work? Cathy McMorris Rodgers has found it’s worked well for her since 2005.

The  House of Representatives‘ work schedule for 2013 was 126 days. For 2014, they  decided to cut it to 113 days. That’s about 50 days of work for $174,000…or $3480.00 per day. For the remainder of 2013, they will work 8 days in November and 8 days in December. They’ve even commented that they might have trouble filling their schedule for all those days. Evidently there is nothing important happening in our country.

As of August 1, 2013, only 22 out of 4315 introduced bills have been enacted into law. (0.5%), making this the least productive Congress ever. That could be because the GOP faction of the House of Representatives has spent their 126 days obstructing our government and the people as much as possible. Maybe it would be money better spent to have them work zero days, and we could take their salaries to help move our country forward. Or, we could get involved and elect people who care for and will work hard for our country .

Patricia Bates

Clarkston, WA

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