Derrick Skaug was recently sworn-in as a member of the Pullman City Council for the At-Large position. This was an appointment to fill Keith Bloom’s vacant position.   A couple things are notable.

Derrick Skaug was and still is a student at WSU in Pullman.  At 21 years old, he is one of the youngest office holders in Eastern Washington and probably the State of Washington as well.  Derrick Skaug will be the first undergraduate WSU student on the Pullman City Council since the late 1990s.

He had stiff competition against eight other applicants for the open seat on the Pullman City Council including David Gibney of the Whitman County Planning Commission and seven other applicants.

Support on Pullman City Council for Derrick Skaug

Seats on Council are non-partisan, but it is well known that the membership of the Council leans Republican.  Nevertheless, the Democrat Derrick Skaug found enough support on the Council to earn the appointment.  In the words of  Pullman City Council member and Republican-leaning Bill Paul,

Derrick will bring balance to the Pullman City Council as a student. He is also well qualified through his experience in WSU student government and his lobbying efforts in Olympia (personal communication with author).

Derrick Skaug also had the support of Democratic leaning Nathan Weller on the City Council.  In Derricks own words.

I am honored and excited by the amazing opportunity I have been given to serve the citizens of Pullman. As a life-long Eastern Washington resident, I am humbled to be given this position of leadership and excited with the potential it brings. I value education, public safety, and effective public transportation as my number one priorities. I also see my leadership role in the WSU student body as an asset I can bring to the City of Pullman by attempting to strengthen the already strong tie between the students and the greater Pullman community. I value servant-based leadership, transparency, and accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime with suggestions, questions, or advice (personal communication with author).


Derrick Skaug
Pullman City Council At-Large Ward

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