I did not spend much time on it.  I did not have to.  Debunking Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Michael Baumgartner‘s latest campaign email was pretty easy.


There are too many career politicians like Senator Maria Cantwell in our Nation’s Capital- politicians who buy their way into power, and then proceed to protect their own self-interests rather than the interests of those they were elected to serve.

Actual, Michael, before Democrat Maria Cantwell ran for the U.S. Senate, she helped build RealNetworks that has employed thousands of people.  She has created more jobs and brought more business to the State of Washington than you ever will.

Senator Cantwell and the Obama big government Democrats’ style of governing, and record of wasteful spending and higher taxes, is leading our nation towards decline and risks leaving our country a shell of her former self.

Rex Nutting of the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch reports that Obama’s increase in federal spending has been the lowest of any recent President.

Elect Conservative Republicans, Says Michael Baumgartner

We can change the direction of the United States and put America back on the path to greater freedom, prosperity and security. But to do so, we must elect conservative Republicans to the U.S. Senate – Republicans that will repeal Obamacare, lower the regulatory burden on our small businesses, and work to eliminate our $15.7 trillion national debt.

This is just too much.  Michael, do you know that Republican Presidents starting with Ford have consistently engaged in deficit spending, and Democratic Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton reduce our debt?  After your Republican friends gave tax breaks to the wealthy, cut vital social services, busted unions, and thus waged war on the middle class, our economy has tanked.

Your Republican Party left President Obama with one of the worst recessions in our country’s history.  Of course the deficit rose.  Essentially, every president in the 20th century regardless of whether they were from the Republican or Democratic party has used fiscal policy to get the country out of recessions.

Each night when I put my son Conrad to bed, I think about what kind of future he will have – and I worry that the American Dream that was handed down from my grandparents, to my parents, to me won’t be available to him. I ask myself, will he inherit the opportunities you and I have had in America: a quality education and a chance to build his future with his own hands. . .

. . . .I know what future I want for Conrad and for all our children and grandchildren – a future of possibility and opportunity for all, where the free market and not government chooses our economy’s winners and losers, and where America’s liberty and greatness are restored.

Then you should vote for Democrats.




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