p through 12(v.2)Nothing is more important than early childhood education.  Emotionally healthy young children grow up to be happy, loving, responsible adults.  In the end, that is the only thing that really what matters.

I say this in full awareness of all the serious problems that our world faces.  The environment for example.  If we don’t take care of the Earth, we are screwed.  Nuclear weapons is another.  A push of button could make our planet uninhabitable for centuries.  Ya da, ya da.   We are struggling to find solutions to these problems, but actually we already have many ways at our finger tips to solve them.  However, our human failings, our fears, our greed, make those solutions unworkable.  Its our own sanity, our emotional balance that is in short supply.

I do believe that as a race of beings, we humans are making progress in this regard.  Generation by generation we are becoming wiser, more center, more spiritual balanced, and early childhood education is a crucial part of it.

Is this a heavy burden to put on pre-school teachers and other early childhood educators?  Don’t underestimate them.  Just support them!  And support Senate Bill 5595 in the Washington State Senate.

Early Childhood Learning: Bill Update

The research into child development and factors in academic success is now very clear: It is a child’s earliest learning years that are most critical in setting them up for later success in school and life.

One of my priority bills this session is Senate Bill 5595, which will overhaul the state’s Working Connections program. This program helps parents get back to work by removing one of the biggest barriers to re-entering the workforce: finding safe, affordable child care. If that was all it did, Working Connections would be a worthy program, but it also delivers for kids by providing a strong start to their academic careers right at the point when we can have the biggest impact.

SB 5595 will make a variety of improvements to Working Connections to increase access to more families and improve the quality of the early learning experience for kids in the program. –Washington State Rep. Andy Billig; Constituent Bulletin, February 11, 2013.

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