Jay Inslee, who is of course running for the Governor of Washington, was in Spokane the other day.  Democrat Jay Inslee was speaking to business people and other leaders in the community about how Spokane can be made into a economic engine for biotech and clean energy jobs.  He started with the below quote.

I want to be the first Governor of the State of Washington with roots in Eastern Washington in 75 years . . . the last was Clarence Martin.  I am ready to be a governor for the whole state of Washington including Spokane county . . .

There is more about Jay Inslee candidate for Washington Governor below the fold, but a full video of him can be found at SpokaneWatch.net.

Every time I come to Eastern Washington, I learn more about the dynamic nature of this region.  By matching it with a similar high bar of vision for economic growth in the State, the experience to bring the jobs statewide, I can help Spokane become a driver of economic growth.

Let me tell to you why I believe this.  This morning we had a forum for business leaders, and there we had a guy converting gasoline power cars to electrical cars using lithium batteries . . . an a fellow who had a company called Ag Energy to run circle pivots with biofuels so they can go off of the grid and have a zero electrical bill . . . four days before that we are up at the Spokane medical school, which could be the seat not only for physicians and nurses across the state, but also an entire biotech industry here in Spokane.  You go down the road a little farther and you see Itron, which is a world leader in smart grid technologies and applications.  Spokane County can be a world leader in high-tech, and I want to be a Governor to help make sure that it is.

One of my reasons for optimism is that you have local leaders like Andy Billig.

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