(Letter-to-the-Editor) Let’s see if I have this correct. A foreign oil company wants to build a pipeline across American land to transport Canadian tar sands crude to American ports to export it overseas to make money for themselves.
Mitch McConnell stated that building the Keystone XL pipeline is the first item on the Republican agenda.  Why would this pipeline mean so much to the Republican Congress? Let’s look at some facts.
We know the Koch brothers are the largest lease holders in in Alberta.
We also know the oil companies would get to build their pipeline across our land and use American ports, yet we don’t get a drop of that oil without paying for it.
We know the cost of oil is down.
We know the potential damage to our environment is tremendous.
We know we have safer methods of obtaining energy for our country.  We know initially there will be jobs available to build the pipeline, but after completion an estimated 50 permanent jobs will have been created.
So why is Keystone XL so important  to our Republican Congress? To quote  Shakespeare, ” How now? A rat?”.”

Pat Bates
Clarkston, WA

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