Nothing good will come out of Washington D.C. for another three years.  However, there is hope at the state-level.  It had not occurred to me that the State of Washington might try to pass its own net neutrality laws to maintain free speech on the internet.  Thanks Matt for speaking out this. For his announcement to run the 9th, see this post.

Just this morning, the FCC moved forward with its undemocratic decision to ignore the collective voice of the American people, and voted on party lines to repeal Net Neutrality consumer protections that safeguard the marketplace of ideas and the free flow of information on the Internet.

Without Net Neutrality, there’s no telling what internet service providers will do. They could control what content you see on the internet, how much you have to pay for it and even how fast it loads!

Mark my words: when you send me to Olympia, I will stand for innovation, consumers and the open internet. I’ll work hard to prevent ISPs from blocking, throttling or prioritizing internet content while fleecing the American people.

Republicans want to keep Joe Schmick in the House so they can prevent Democrats from implementing their own statewide Net Neutrality laws.

Matthew Sutherland

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