I am not sure how it happened, but Tim Eyman got a hold of my email address.  He is again in cahoots with Spokane’s infamous Mike “bikini-barista” Fagan. I think I will just wait and see what he emails to me next.

(Wednesday, July 26th, 2017) It’s really inspiring.  We’ve had an overwhelming response to our $30 Tabs Initiative so far.  Requests for initiative petitions are pouring in.  This explosive start is because taxpayers are furious about their skyrocketing car tab taxes and Sound Transit’s lies.  Our initiative sets annual licensing fees for all vehicles at a flat, fair $30.For Initiative 695′s $30 tabs campaign in 1999, we started from scratch.  We didn’t have a huge list of supporters, no website, no email address.  And yet in 5 months, our supporters collected 514,000 signatures.  It was the 2nd highest number in state history.  What was most amazing was the fact that HALF the signatures were collected by 180 individuals.  That’s right:  260,000 signatures were turned in to us by 180 extraordinary people that we called our kamikazes — when it was all over, we gave each of them a 695 t-shirt.

Last Friday, I got an email from one of our kamikazes:  Bob Henkel from Tacoma.  This amazing man collected over 6000 signatures for 695!!  His goal is do even more for this year’s $30 Tabs Initiative.  Here’s his email:

“I decided today that I will work on your initiative again, because I’m not gonna let Sound Transit get away with taking away our $30 tabs. I’m gonna spend every ounce of effort that I have left at 87 years of age to see to it that we get our $30 tabs back.  I want to beat my old record!!  I will set up trap lines again like I did years ago.  I went to businesses within about 15 miles from where I live.  I made a loop from Tacoma to Puyallup, Bonney Lake, Orting, and back home again.  I asked them if I could place some petitions at a convenient location in their business.  I made a small sign to place near the petitions to draw attention to the petitions.  I told the store owners that I would be around every two weeks to pick up full petitions and to leave more petitions as needed.  I left them a card with my name and phone number so they could call me if needed.  And it’s not just businesses that sell cars that are good places — there are many other businesses that are also great places to leave petitions.  It is time that we show the bigwigs at Sound Transit that we are in charge, not them. We cannot let them get away with being so crooked.”

If you’re inspired by Bob Henkel’s heroism, send me an email and let me know how many petitions you want, your address, and your phone number.  I will find an Office Depot, Staples, or Kinko’s near you, order the petitions for you, and all you need to do is pick them.  It is a petition distribution revolution that nearly 100 supporters have done already.

The only way we’re going to collect 300,000 signatures in the next 5 months is with a massive grassroots effort.  Follow Bob Henkel’s example.  Be bold.  Be a leader.The people are clearly on our side:

The greatest threat to this initiative’s signature drive is OVERCONFIDENCE.  Having qualified 16 initiatives for a statewide public vote over the years, we’ve made it seem easy.  It’s not.  It’s really tough.  The only way we’re gonna make it is with a massive grassroots effort where everyone does their part to help. Help us make it happen.

If you want to stick it to Sound Transit by Bringing Back Our $30 Tabs for everyone in the state of Washington (for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, motor homes, RVs, 5th wheels, and other vehicles), then please send us a donation for $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000 or more (there are no limits on how much can be given). You can go to our website right now - www.VotersWantMoreChoices.com and make a secure on-line contribution by PayPal or VISA or M/C. OR, you can print this form, fill it out, and return it with a check or credit card information.

We’ve done so many amazing things over the past 18 years, but that’s only been possible thanks to successful benefactors like you.  We ask you to please help us help taxpayers.

Please donate TODAY.

Thank you.


Tim Eyman, Jack Fagan, & Mike Fagan, Fighting for Taxpayers for 18 years, 425-493-9127, tim_eyman@comcast.net

P.S.  There are thousands of politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, and special interest groups working each and every day to raise your taxes.  Shouldn’t there be at least one person, one team, one organization that fights to lower your taxes?  Please help us so we can continue our successful efforts on behalf of taxpayers.

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