Advice on Spokane Props 1, 2, and 3

The Spokane County Democrats offer this advice on the City of Spokane’s February Special Election on the Tuesday the 12th:  Vote “Yes, No, Yes” on Prop 1, Prop 2, and Prop 3.

“Yes” Vote on Prop 1, a “No” Vote on Prop 2, and a “Yes” Vote on Prop 3

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3   Vote Yes, No, Yes!
Prop 1:
Vote YES for Independent Investigations of Police Conduct!
Give the Office of Police Ombudsman permanent, independent, and investigatory authority – as they are meant to have. Prop 1 would require Spokane to commit to a credible, independent office of police oversight, and create a citizens commission to advise and oversee the office.
Prop 2:
Vote NO to Reject Requiring a 5/7 Majority Vote on any revenue increase or to close tax loopholes at the city level.
We just can’t say enough how devastating this would be for our community.  This Tim Eyman-style measure would cause gridlock on the Spokane City Council and allow as few as 2 members of the council to obstruct legislation or derail the democratic process. Your NO vote would help support efforts on the council to provide funding for firefighters, public safety, and other important community services.  If It Ain’t Broke  by Terry McGregor
Prop 3:
Vote YES on the Library Levy.
Prevent closing the Hillyard and East Central branches and increase other library branch hours, making vital education services for families & kids more accessible.

Retired General Smedley D. Butler “War is a Racket!”

We are all tools of the machine that we call society.  Most of us do not realize it.  Some of us realize it, and do nothing.  A few of us know it, and do what is trendy among our friends to oppose it.  Then there are the rare few who make the conscious choice to rebel and risk it all regardless of what any of their family, friends, and colleagues, critiques and media may think.  Major General Smedley Darlington Butler of the U.S. Marine Core was one such brave soul.  He declared in 1935 that “War is a Racket,” a bloody racket that kills and cripples young men and makes the rich even richer.   To the right is a video portrayal of Retired Major General Smedley D. Butler by Bart Haggin of Spokane, Wa giving one of his speeches. Read the rest of this entry

Everybody: Social Security Is Secure, So Far!

socialsecurityWritten by 

That is true if the rich and the powerful aren’t able to steal it and the US government doesn’t default!

Social Security is the most successful social program ever invented.  It requires less than two percent overhead expenses.  It covers millions of people besides retirees.  And it is secure financially, under present circumstances, until about 2035 with a surplus until then!   Any other US government programs like that?

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Governor-Elect Jay Inslee’s Inaugural Ball

inslee vicThis was one of the 2012 races that a lot of us felt strongly about.  It is nice to see the race resolved on election day without a controversial recount, and now it is even nicer to see an announcement of  Governor-Elect Jay Inslee’s Inaugural Ball.  I wanted to go to Gov. Gregoire’s second  Inaugural Ball, but it did not fit more my schedule or match my pocket book.  May be this year I will make it.  Congratulations Jay Inslee.  I know you will do a fine job.

The Electronic Freedom Foundation and their coalition of allies had a significant victory in the protection of your online freedom of speech.  Specifically, they are making progress on requiring government to get the proper search warrant before reading your emails.  Below is an update from their December 2012 newsletter.  If you want to learn details about this issue, read this page on their site. The Electronic Freedom Foundation has been protecting the internet for over a decade and is on the front lines of the battle to defend net neutrality. 

Yesterday was a watershed moment in the fight for electronic privacy: the Senate Judiciary Committee overwhelmingly passed an amendment that mandates the government get a probable cause warrant before reading our emails. The battle isn’t over — the reform, championed by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), still needs to pass the rest of the Senate and the House, and be signed by the President to become a law. But yesterday, thanks to thousands of people speaking out, we were able to begin the process of overhauling our archaic privacy laws into alignment with modern technology. Read the rest of this entry

Matt Shea (R) Pulled Out a Handgun on Spokane Motorist

Matt Shea Pulled Gun Spokane Motorist


Ever think that your State Representative would pull a loaded gun on you? This is what happened in November, 2011, to Leroy Norris of Spokane.  Washington State Representative Matt Shea, Spokane Valley, 4th Legislative District, pulled an illegal handgun on Leroy as he was running home.  Republican Matt Shea ,was cited for two violations of state firearms law in the road rage incident. Norris was not cited for any offense.  To the right is a video that we made about this matter involving the Republican Matt Shea who has proven himself to be unstable many times before. Read the rest of this entry

Kathleen Drew came to Pullman, WA, for the Lentil Festival to talk about her run for office and her support of the Washington State Voters’ Guide a few months ago. I was impressed with her. Kathleen Drew has got experience in the various parts of government to do a good job as the next Washington State Secretary of State. She is personable. She has a good clear grasp of the issues affecting the Office of the Secretary of State, including the need to better fund the Washington State Voters’ Guide.

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Romney and Obama Debate: Analysis by 6 Year Old

Posted for Keith Milligan.

I got an accurate political analysis on the [Obama and Romney Presidential] debate from my 6 yr. old grandson! While my daughter Jasmine was cooking dinner, she live streamed the presidential debate on her computer to listen to it. Enzo actually sat down and watched it!!! When Jasmine told him to come to the table for dinner, she noticed he’d taken a pen and wrote on the computer screen! She chastised him and he apologized. Then Jasmine got curious as to what it was he wrote.

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Sarah Silverman calls Voter ID laws for what they are

There is nothing more un-American and despicable that trying to disenfranchise people from voting because you don’t like their politics. Sarah Silverman throws Republicans to the mat like no one else can. Her website is

Todd Mielke Website about His Days as a Tobacco Lobbyist

Todd Mielke is running for re-election for Spokane County Commission, and his past  may be catching up with him.  The site details his history as an aid for Jim West, as a tobacco lobbyist, and as a politician.  In 1995 Todd Mielke resigned from the Washington State Legislature to become a high paid lobbyist for big pharmacuetical companies and the tobacco industry.  A few years later he ran for the Spokane County Commission. Read the rest of this entry

Hey McKennna, Right to Work Laws are Bad Idea

The race between Democrat Jay Inslee and Republican Rob McKenna for the next Governor of the State of Washington has high stakes for working class people.  McKenna is well know for his labor union busting and his anti-working class remarks and policy preferences.

Many working class citizens fear that Rob McKenna will try to change Washington State labor law to prohibit labor unions from setting their own membership policies.  Specifically, they fear he will try to make Washington an open shop state  with destructive “right-to-work” laws.  Below is an analysis of the effects of “right-to-work” laws on median per capita annual income. Read the rest of this entry

Nancy McLaughlin, Spokane is Laugh’in

Ben Stuckart wants to make it “loud and clear.”  He does NOT support Republican Nancy McLaughlin in her campaign for the 3rd Legislative District against the up and coming Democrat Andy Billig. While running for the Washington State Senate, Nancy McLaughlin was caught red-handed faking the support of the popular  Stuckart.  Ben Stuckart, President of the Spokane City Council, was not happy.  Stuckart is an Andy Billig supporter.

I will go farther than Stuckart.  I think it was an intentional act to mislead voters.  Nancy McLaughlin was hoping that a picture of herself with a popular Democrat would make her more appealing to Democratic voters in the Democratic leaning 3rd Legislative District.  Stuckart won a large share of the votes in 2011 in the 3rd.


Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart said Thursday that he didn’t give City Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin permission to use a picture of him on a campaign mailer for state Senate. Read the rest of this entry

Momentum behind Gay Marriage in Washington State

The Approve Referendum 74 campaign has gotten off to a good start.  Fundraising is a good indication of that.  Almost a million dollars raised before the 4th of July is pretty good. The polls show a pretty even race, but I expect the election results in November to show that Washington voters are proud to be one of the first states to allow gay marriage. Washington State is a leader in this civil rights battle for gays and lesbians to marry who they want. It is a basic right, and Democrats such a Jay Inslee for Governor of Washington are rally around gay marriage. Read the rest of this entry

Unf—ing believable!  After decades of the conservative right bitching and moaning about liberal activist judges, U.S. Supreme Court Judges Thomas, Scalia, Alito, and Kennedy forming the minority opinion on The Affordable Care Act made this statement.

“The Court regards its strained statutory interpretation as judicial modesty. It is not. It amounts instead to a vast judicial overreaching. It creates a debilitated, inoperable version of health-care regulation that Congress did not enact and the public does not expect“  (Quote from the NYT, Bold added).

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I did not spend much time on it.  I did not have to.  Debunking Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Michael Baumgartner‘s latest campaign email was pretty easy.


There are too many career politicians like Senator Maria Cantwell in our Nation’s Capital- politicians who buy their way into power, and then proceed to protect their own self-interests rather than the interests of those they were elected to serve.

Actual, Michael, before Democrat Maria Cantwell ran for the U.S. Senate, she helped build RealNetworks that has employed thousands of people.  She has created more jobs and brought more business to the State of Washington than you ever will.

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Well, the first Gubernatorial debate for Washington State was held in Spokane last week, and it was of course between Democrat Jay Inslee and Republican Rob McKenna.  One of highlights of the debate was when Rob McKenna said working class homeowners were the cause of our economic meltdown . . . the darn working class just could not pay their bills .  . . shame on them.  Inslee quickly rebuted him and correctly pointed out that it was Wall Street  Bankers, not hard working middle class families that are to blame.

Photo credit to Michael  Beasly.

Obama’s Assassination Program is a new blog in Eastern Washington, and it will not shy away from controversy.  One of its first posts is on the Obama assassination program that was recently discussed in an article in the New York Times.

Anything goes now?  The NYTimes assassination story is so chilling because he appears to think that it will enhance his re-election!  Could Bush/Cheney have gotten away with this?  I am sickened by this. 
“The article is not an expose’. It appears to have been commissioned by the administration itself as part of his re-election campaign’s attempt to run Obama as the unflinching commander-in-chief in the “war on terror,” touting the supposed success of his assassination program and outflanking the Republicans from the right.  –source.


While recently in Spokane, candidate for Governor, Jay Inslee, endorsed Democrat Andy Billig for the Washington State Senate.  Andy Billig is currently in the State House, but decided to run for the Senate when Democrat Lisa Brown announced her retirement.  Here is a paraphrasing of Jay Inslee’s comments about Billig.

I am a huge Andy Billig fan.  This guy is a leader who knows how lead organization and how to move it toward progress.  We need that in the Washington State Senate.  Andy success on the phosphorus bill was so stunning for a new legislator . . . to come in and seize that problem by the horns and get the done in such a short period of time.  This is something Spokane should be proud of, and I am proud to be his friend.

Jay Inslee, who is of course running for the Governor of Washington, was in Spokane the other day.  Democrat Jay Inslee was speaking to business people and other leaders in the community about how Spokane can be made into a economic engine for biotech and clean energy jobs.  He started with the below quote.

I want to be the first Governor of the State of Washington with roots in Eastern Washington in 75 years . . . the last was Clarence Martin.  I am ready to be a governor for the whole state of Washington including Spokane county . . .

There is more about Jay Inslee candidate for Washington Governor below the fold, but a full video of him can be found at

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Pat O’Neill is a rare breed. He is one of only two Democratic County Commissioner’s in rural Eastern Washington.  How does a Democrat get elected in a conservative part of the State of Washington?

Pat is the kind of guy that is capable of seeing a problem and then solving it by pulling people together regardless of political party. When Pat was elected in 2008, the county finances were a mess, budgets were not balanced, the county repeatedly failed to pass its audits with the state of Washington, and little hope for new tax revenue.

Progress made by Pat O’Neill

Now, nearly four years later, books are getting balanced, the county is passing its audits, a new wind farm is being built by FirstWind and other economic development is on the way.  Of course, Pat did not do this alone.  Pat O’Neil was able to build an good working relationship with Republican County Commissioner Greg Partch to push through some major reforms.  The two make a good pair.

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