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I got an accurate political analysis on the [Obama and Romney Presidential] debate from my 6 yr. old grandson! While my daughter Jasmine was cooking dinner, she live streamed the presidential debate on her computer to listen to it. Enzo actually sat down and watched it!!! When Jasmine told him to come to the table for dinner, she noticed he’d taken a pen and wrote on the computer screen! She chastised him and he apologized. Then Jasmine got curious as to what it was he wrote.

When she examined the screen more carefully, she saw an “X” on the left (the side Romney was standing on the screen) and a heart on the right (where Obama was standing). That’s all I needed to know. “X” on Romney and Obama gets the HEART! His analysis was quite accurate and simplified the examination of the debate. Anyone looking for a cute 6 yr. old political analyst, let me know…I’m his agent…hahaha!!! Thanks Enzo…looks like you might have a future as a talking head for political commentary on CNN!!!
Love to ALL,
Grandpaw Keith

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