The Spokane County Democrats offer this advice on the City of Spokane’s February Special Election on the Tuesday the 12th:  Vote “Yes, No, Yes” on Prop 1, Prop 2, and Prop 3.

“Yes” Vote on Prop 1, a “No” Vote on Prop 2, and a “Yes” Vote on Prop 3

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3   Vote Yes, No, Yes!
Prop 1:
Vote YES for Independent Investigations of Police Conduct!
Give the Office of Police Ombudsman permanent, independent, and investigatory authority – as they are meant to have. Prop 1 would require Spokane to commit to a credible, independent office of police oversight, and create a citizens commission to advise and oversee the office.
Prop 2:
Vote NO to Reject Requiring a 5/7 Majority Vote on any revenue increase or to close tax loopholes at the city level.
We just can’t say enough how devastating this would be for our community.  This Tim Eyman-style measure would cause gridlock on the Spokane City Council and allow as few as 2 members of the council to obstruct legislation or derail the democratic process. Your NO vote would help support efforts on the council to provide funding for firefighters, public safety, and other important community services.  If It Ain’t Broke  by Terry McGregor
Prop 3:
Vote YES on the Library Levy.
Prevent closing the Hillyard and East Central branches and increase other library branch hours, making vital education services for families & kids more accessible.

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