Todd Mielke Website about His Days as a Tobacco Lobbyist

Todd Mielke is running for re-election for Spokane County Commission, and his past  may be catching up with him.  The site details his history as an aid for Jim West, as a tobacco lobbyist, and as a politician.  In 1995 Todd Mielke resigned from the Washington State Legislature to become a high paid lobbyist for big pharmacuetical companies and the tobacco industry.  A few years later he ran for the Spokane County Commission.

Mielke claims that he was hired as a lobbyist in Olympia by the tobacco industry to insure that they complied with a settlement case with the State of Washington.  However, that is simply not the kind of work that lobbyists are hired to do.

Lobbyist are hired guns that unabashedly push their employer’s agenda, and tobacco reform activists agree that Mr. Mielke was hired to do exactly that.


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