I received this from Senator Maria Cantwell today about Trump’s efforts to end net neutrality.

If the Trump administration gets its way, your internet is about to get a whole lot slower.

In tw‌o da‌ys, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will be holding a vote to destroy President Obama’s net neutrality and open internet protections. Once those are gone, cable companies and service providers will be able to create a two-tiered internet — a fast lane for the corporations willing to pay and a slow lane for the rest of us.

I have spent years defending the free and open internet that is the backbone of our economy and fundamental to free speech and our democracy. And I’m not backing down now. Before Thur‌sd‌ay’s vote, I’m sending a message to Donald Trump and the FCC. Will you join me?

. . . .Millions of Americans depend on a free, open internet. It’s a creative marketplace, an avenue for free expression and for the exchange of ideas. And the internet economy creates hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs.

We can’t let the Trump administration change the internet as we know it. We have just two days to make sure that the FCC hears what a terrible decision this would be.

Sign on tod‌ay to tell [Donald] Trump and the FCC to keep their hands off our free and open internet!

Thank you,

Maria Cantwell
U.S. Senator

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