Conservatives have been waging class warfare on working class Americans for decades. Here in the State of Washington, they are at it again with bills to lower minimum wage and weaken workers compensation.

However, first, on the national scale over the last few decades, the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer.  The rich used their increased wealth to create the bubble, real-estate bubble, and Wall Street bubble.  As we all know, those bubbles burst and much of that wealth disappeared from our economy that could have used to build schools, pay for Medicare, or lower the national debt.   Of that wealth which did not go into creating bubbles, the rich loaned much of it back to us in the form of mortgages, credit card debit, and student loans and siphoned even more money from the middle class through high interest rates.  Would not it have been better for the average American for our country to merely leave that money in the hands of working class so they would not have to borrow  so much to pay for homes, consumer items, and college education? I know so.

Bills to Lower Workers Compensation and Lower Minimum Wage

Now, Republicans in the Washington State Senate have launched bills to lowering minimum wage, weakening workers’ comp, and other things.  The following is information via the Washington State Democrats.


Lowering minimum wage, weakening workers’ comp, and restricting a women’s right to choose. Are these your values?

Since Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon gave the Senate Majority to Senate Republicans, Republicans have gotten bolder – voting for far-right, ideological legislation.1

Rodney Tom’s Senate Majority has launched an assault on our state’s minimum wage.2 They’ve passed a profit-motivated bill attacking workers’ comp – even though voters rejected changes to the system in 2010.3

And while Rodney Tom promises a more open debate on social issues, the result is a radical Republican bill attacking a woman’s right to choose, in a state firmly committed to choice.4

These are not Democratic values – These are not Washington values. Co-sign our letter telling Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon they don’t belong in the Democratic Party.

In 2012, the people of Washington overwhelmingly voted Democrat, because they share Democratic values. They believe in fighting for our middle class and progressive social issues, like marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose.

Now Senate Republicans, empowered by Senators Tom and Sheldon, are pulling a fast one on our state – introducing and passing ideological bills that advance their conservative agenda.

This is nothing short of a coup, made possible by Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon.

Almost 4000 Democrats have already signed our letter. Please join them and send a message to Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon today.


Jaxon Ravens
Executive Director
Washington State Democrats


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